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NOTES 714 A TO 716

714 A The secret of self-improvement is "Contact with people in better society, better environment and better atmosphere ". If you have the Guru - Shishya relationship with a worthy Guru, that problem is mainly solved. That, however, cannot be good-luck of everyone.
Take as a unit the dealing-region of yourself with your God, guru, wife, life-long friend and so on. Each relationship is a simple unit. Take further a complex unit of yourself with your father's family, your own family, your relations, your society of friends, your professional brothers, your caste-people, your community people, your locality people, your co-disciples and your co-workers in common cause. There is a great wonderful course that each unit exerts on an individual. The self-preservation instinct is at work. None wants to be thrown out, abandoned and cast to the winds. A man may not care for being moral and virtuous, or for being religious, but he wants the fullest sympathy of the society and of the immediately surrounding people around. Just study a few cases, of vast changes in different families coming over to reside in a big cosmopolitan city. Customs, habits, prejudices, manners, purdah-importance, jealousy, outlook-narrowness, husband-superiority, stinginess, quarrelsomeness, callousness, bluntness, ruffian-ism, in the heart within - everything change so wonderfully and in no time. The inner pinch of self-interest and self-preservation and the desire of gaining a higher and higher footing is there at full work.
Let therefore the wisest man be extremely careful about his selection of his simple units and complex units. In spite of the highest boast of intellect and originality, man is, after all, an apish imitator and a social creature with a gregarious mentality.  Man cannot live without some association with some human beings. Group formations and group isolation are only manifestations of human nature. That is natural and even indispensable, for the purpose of self-improvement, spontaneous pleasure and the maximum efficiency and relishfulness of life. The social fear of being thrown out, asocial boycott, is no small remedy to keep everyone straight and obedient to the common collective rules, customs and living ways and beliefs (at least the express ones) of every group.    
Take a complex unit. After all the additions and subtraction, that particular unit has its positive attributes, say one unit has goodness, morality, virtue and religiousness; another unit has badness, immorality, vice and irreligiousness. Each group unit exerts a certain influence on every individual of a group and tries to pull and conquer the same to be nearer and nearer the central attribute. Everyone likes to be in intimate touch with others of the same ways. Everyone feels at home, ridden of all constraints in one's own group alone. Everyone gets extremely uneasy and constrained in a foreign environment, and everyone tries to be more or less like the group to which one belongs. 

Thus a good unit will turn the worst into worse, the worse into bad, the bad into good, the good into the better, the better into best. A bad unit will turn the best into the better, the better into good, the good into bad, the bad into worse, the worse into worst. That is why collective degeneration travels many times much faster than individual degeneration. 
Good individuals placed in bad units, have most helplessly to be bad. These are chains, in which individual links have no strength, and often, the maximum strength of the chain itself is nothing more than that of the weakest link in the chain. Goodman in bad units, have to bad for self-defence and self-preservation. They have to be an indiscernible drop of the same water. Further every one's most natural desire to go higher and higher in rank, in one's society, he wants to stand high with goodness; if in bad one, by badness. He wants to win the general applause " I am well-known someone " - egoistic pleasure. No force is as massive as the mass-force. If turned to politics, it may bring independence. If turned to religion, it may bring back universal true religiosity in a few decades. A regularly established automatic special huge machinery works wonders. It is because of the fullest knowledge of the highest efficiency of this machinery working., that religious have stooped to laying down certain rules and customs, for the smooth and efficient running, and maintaining the general efficiency of different groups. This most wonderfully working force must be prominently before the minds of religious reformers when they take up any religious rejuvenating work if solid practicability has to be achieved.

715. There is no end to psychological subtleties and fortunately, since our contact with the English language, we have a large world of literature opened out to help us. The Founder says," I am myself personally indebted to English translation of our best religious standard work, for the better understanding of our own Hindu religion." I can do very little to help others in their task of self-improvement. As a matter of fact, I have often felt myself, when I see the depth of intellect of modern quite young boys and girls, around me. How very deeply, and in a hair-splitting manner, and with unique foresightedness, do they see and do they manage matters off their worldly desires and self-interests!!! How precise, correct and prompt they are!!! I have been often more than surprised. I have often felt myself beaten by their more keen intellect and much stronger will  and more thoughtful movements. The only pity is, that they have consumed all their intellect, will, knowledge and education, in going the wrong way.I have often laughed at myself.What am I going to teach these more-intellectual, deep thinking , quick grasping, all imagining and every thing understanding youngsters!!! I have to only tell them," You invert your mind, change your visual angle and direction and you will be all teachers to me."

715 A. The modern man is creating plunge- ponds for aging experiences of anything and everything from its most initial stage.He takes nothing as granted, on the ground of the same being the essence of the wisest men in the past.He does not believe in ancient instructions of certain bottles containing poison. But, on the other hand, his intellectual curiosity does not keep him contended with the ignorance about the contents. He must know it; and, here again, he is too selfish too experiment on himself, or to patiently work hard to get at the truth, with the bold sacrifice of the West and preparedness for the result that may follow, and with determination and diligence. If you pursue in the right direction, with the strongest discipline , under the proper guidance , with  a decision to reach the end, it does not matter what you find at the end. You arrive at your conviction of one nature or another. The modern man wants to try, from a distance, the contents of the  bottle on some one else, and to see if he dies or survives. He is neither knowing nor ignorant, He is neither content with accepting other's decisions, or with not knowing, nor is prepared to experiment on himself. He is neither spiritualistic nor materialistic.He wants to reap the benefits of both the realms. The modern Indian life represents an intensely unfathomable crude mixture of all opposites and all contradictions , resulting from the adulteration of the two civilizations.

One seemingly brilliant point about the modern man is, that surely he  has shown a more brilliant grasp-quickness and intellect, than his predecessors. Why? The younger the man is by , say, ten years, the greater is the dazzling splendour of his ready-wittedness, quicker action, immediate grasp of the whole situation, and most intellectual escape  from any embarrassing situation.

But a little deeper observation shows you, behind all the intellectual glamourosness , the high soaring of  a kite with its eye in search of some rotten dirty flesh-piece in some deep abyss , the cleverness and quickness of  a crow and a blindness of an owl.One thing is undeniable , and it is, in spite of greater and greater intellect , wider and wider knowledge of scientific discoveries , ampler and ampler improvements in daily comfort , hygiene, medicine, etc. the cries of the world of pain, misery, poverty and destitution have been more and more ear rendering.

Whatever looks as livelier and sprightlier , with a deluding vivacity and gaiety, is only a curtain picture, as a result of almost individual focusing on his own individualism and selfishness. He thinks of his own problems alone. He is busiest with churning out his own cess-pool, during working periods, leisure-periods, and rest periods. He is busy with the explorations of the several varieties of scheminess , to serve his own purpose. He prepares himself with several "before hand rehearsals" to achieve his intended objects with most unexpected quick flights , to and fro.

He has been able to concentrate on his own interests , because he has banished all other considerations, or the reverses of it, he has banished them , because he wants to concentrate; very likely, both in the vicious circle. Religious hypocrisy , without service, love and sacrifice , is only a negative missingness; but an intellectual selfish wickedness creates hatred and horror, in the hearts of the aggrieved and altruist. The greatest curse of the modern age , which has multiplied misery immensely, is that every man thinks many times much more of himself , his capacity and worth, his potentialities  and his rights. In one word, unless he receives  a heavy blow , every one thinks he is a great man, born to be made way for, honoured, praised and worshipped by the world. The diseaseful crazy madness!! INDIVIDUALISM, EQUALITY, LIBERTY AND FRATERNITY. The last term is made to mean only one thing - every one's right of compelling thew higher gifted and better placed persons , to lose their things , with no other justification therefor, except that he has the same life and living  and the organism and the functioning of the mind and body, as any other man. He stops only where he can not go further , out of  blow fear. Every man starts his life, with the basic assumption most favourable to his selfish self. Of course , by "every man" I really mean the majority. "Man, know Thyself" - is the most efficacious   panacea. The smooth and sweet remedy would be , the rejuvenation of religiosity through well known channels .The other method of every one chopping off every opposition  or incongruency that arise in one's way, with the brutal strength of superiority that one has , will never bring a permanent cure and profound peace.

The modern man has too much faith in his inventing intellect. Intellect however often an unreliable and deceitful guide , adviser or master, unless it is associated with a strong will, working in cooperation with and in obedience to  the Divine Laws and Divine Truths. Intellect so often swallows up  right discrimination , and pulls a man in a particular direction , painting a particular fascinating picture. Intellect is able to raise  any army of one type , or an equally strong contradictory type, as it likes. In the end, intellect most shamelessly, declares its irresponsibility like that proverbial parrot ever saying"there is no doubt about it" to anything and everything. Intellect than spurningly tells you "I might have told you so many things , but where had your own discrimination gone to graze?"

Caring for none else and nothing, creates an all-exclusive tendency, and a man of that formed habit goes deeper and deeper, into his own self-created well. He has no benefit of  a study , on comparisons and contrasts, of himself with others better than himself.  He remains all-buried within himself. He has none to study, none to follow, none to imitate, none to guide and none to save. He never confides and consults. He revels in himself  and lives., till his death, in his own ignorant darkness.

716. Some people even more youngsters in the line, understand me from my facial features, before I speak a syllable, so very clever are they. For one simile , they would just then and there  create ten similes on the same lines. But , after all their display, the last thing that comes is, " I am extremely unhappy, I have no peace of mind and for this, I have come to you." The last word , in spite of all intellect, cleverness, deep thinking, vast reading, education, trickiness, craftiness, cunningness, falsehood, fraudulence , enough money, good health, is that of unhappiness and misery.Everyone  comes to me and finally says," I have got everything, but I have no "Shanti" ( peace of mind).

Everything is there , but there is something initially wanting , the absence of which can not be made up, by anything which they possess , though so much in abundance .But what if , on the contrary, that absent thing "Shanti" craved so much for , for its being present, requires the every dispossession of all that they are holding  dearest as their best qualifications!!! - what a terrible job it is, to bring the North and South Poles together!!!  And that, most unfortunately , is imposed condition on which Shanti can come to you.  

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