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NOTE 657 TO 666

657. It must have been quite clear from the reference in the previous pages to the “Process of evolution for Mother’s Followers on attainment of Guru’s Grace and Mother’s Mercy,” that there are series of stages to go through. It looks at the first sight, as if there is something like an imperfection with Mai-ism, as there is no emphasis laid on celibacy, self-control, virtue, self-realization, etc. There is nothing like a direct recognition and the mention of the importance of virtue, austerity-attainment, mental tranquillity, meditation and so many other things, which appear indispensable for a religious life or a substantial evolutionary progress.
The answer is this. It is not that these things are not to be passed through or that there is any exemption for a Mai-ist. But, Mai-ism wants Mai-ists to pass through these practices for attainments, under the fullest protection and in safest hands and guidance of God and Guru, so that, the journey may be surest, smoothest, shortest, surest and speediest. Mai-ism asks Mai-ists to leave it to Mother, through what circumstances or ordeals to take them, and what valuable experiences to enrich them with. Mai-ism says,” First enlist yourself as Her devotee and then leave everything to Her.”  
 658. Once let it be firmly established that a man deaf and a dumb, a man lame and blind, a man with no education and no schooling, can be religious under Mai-ism. Let that first delusion go. Religion is to be seen in the life you live and not in words you speak or right or in some particular external ritualistic actions or observances that people call as religious. Unless you have a conviction of the said nature, you will never turn your whole-concentrated heart to making your life much nobler and superior. What is it that finally counts? Your joys and sorrows, your actions, thoughts and words, which go to the effect the joys and sorrows of yourself and all around you and the world. Let the deluded notions about the religion once for all go. Then alone, we can set ourselves to the task of achieving a solid improvement.
659. First then, remember you are required to have clear notion of religious life, not simply because you can be in the full know what aspire to be, but also because you have to be in a particular environment. You want your companions and associates also to be religious.
660. How can you go to learn in the school of the world and in the school of which you have to be a student practically for all your life and lives, without your textbooks, notebooks, teachers, companions, libraries, home-studies, memory committing, etc.?? Is there any student who has made a name, who has not underlined his books and prepared his own notes?? Different teachers will be giving different teachings. But it is you; you have to make your notes about what strikes you as best and beneficial.      
661. Well then, first prostate to your God and Guru. First, have the meditation of your deity and Guru whoever he be and invite blessings. Start if you like, with our Geeta. Repeat the Lord’s Dhyana  and “Mukam Karoti Vaachaalam “ benediction craving couplet. Please open your chapter number sixteen. leaving other before it. You try to get there-from, quite a clear notion about the persons of Divine and demoniacal nature. Don't create a bad feeling around you, but make out a list of divine, demoniacal and intermediary persons, as you move amongst your relations, friends, acquaintances and strangers in the world. Just as you don't go to plague-stricken areas especially during delicate hours of nights, so also make it a point to have as little to do with unsuited people as possible. Don’t go to those areas even if there are golden mines. Forego them. Peace, Health and Life are far more precious than enjoyment, pleasure and money.  With all persons except them that you select out as divine, let your relations be formal, happy, smooth, jolly, harmless or obliging as you meet a co-passenger in a train or a Dharamshala, or to follow the advice of Saint Tulsidas, as one boat meets another in a river. “ Nadi Naav Sanyoga “ (River-barges-meeting), all the while having before your mind, the fact that both are in waters, and that one does not know when both get separated from one another. No deep attachment. No complications. Nothing more than easily partable relations with a short notice and with a happy goodbye. Nothing has gone deep into, below kind and courteous superficiality. No debts and no obligations unreturned or unadmitted, with a sweetness of relations, lived, that catches a desire of re-meeting and re-living together.    
662. Those select persons are your kith and kins on the spiritual plane. You shall have to meet them so often and have dealings with them. Even though in the worldly relations you may be quite remote, you will be brought together at some Guru's, God's or Saint's place, or sometimes through correspondence etc. In so many undreamt of ways, just as Hindus, Mohammedans, Christians so very remote in family life become closely interwoven, being mill owners or richest persons in a city, with a momentary common interest. There is a particular Mysterious Management, as a result whereof, birds of different skies, but for the same feather, flock together.
The Founder has found great pleasure to note and use this simile. Every place or city has certain souls that are of the religious temperament. It is [practically the same collective group that is round one saint today, or another one, a year after, or at this place, or that. In a dramatic company, the very same person represent the Prithvi Raja Hindu army, as also the Sahabuddin’s Ghori’s Mohomedan army. It is only the change of the head turban or the Fez cap and a beardless or a bearded chin. They are the very same “they”.      
663. So, the Founder introduces you to your God, Guru, Geeta and your gallants and gloves ( your real kith and kins ) and the globe which you have to reside in and confine yourself to.

The life you live on your own restricted globe with your gallants and gloves, Geeta, Guru and God, is your spiritual or religious life. Just a casual, periodical, accidental, intellectual or emotional love to a certain ideal is no spiritual life. Now ask yourself, have you been living a definite spiritual life ??
664. If you have been, then proceed further. Otherwise, be engaged in collecting and forming the skeletons of your spiritual life. If you read anything that comes to you; if you go on making many logical loud speeches as soon as any passerby opens his mouth to pass his leisurely moments, to make some religious debates, when and because he has nothing else to do, if you have no certain companions to exchange your experiences  and get encouragement and benefit of your company churning; if you have no guru guide to you , and no god to save you, then Founder begs pardon and asks you," What sort of religious or spiritual life , so much tom-tommed by you, are you living?." 
665. Bankimchandra Chatterjee invited Paramahamsa to his place. Said he," Sir, I am not really such a fool as you take me for. Will you kindly grace my hut? Three too, you will find devotees." Paramahamsa asked smilingly," Well, what sort of devotees are they??"
Then Paramahamsa told an amusing story about some swindling goldsmiths, possessing as devotees.
666. First, muster up all your sincerity and determination. A newly appointed, a new young man, an officer in the meeting, when congratulations are given to him, with his staff and office, is smiling sweet, jovial, and light; but when he is thereafter actually taking over the charge, his mind and face colour get entirely changed, especially when he deals with dead stock and the imprest account. That serenity and sense of responsibility of "In-charges", should dawn on you.  


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