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NOTE 641 TO 656

Mother’s – Mind Purity – Attainment – Spiritual Practice
Jay Mai                           Jay Mai                              Jay Mai

641. Dearest Reader: - We are parting after one chapter more. We have met practically ten years after. Much water has gone under the waterway, all the more brightening the arch stones, during the decade. You will do well to read up” Mother’s Message” and the two volumes of “Mai Sahasranama” before you read at least this chapter, if not the previous pages of this book. Till 1940, when I (wrote Sahasranama, Mother had preserved me from the poisonous contact with the world. How can I convey to you my feelings of wonderfulness and gratefulness to Mother, for having kept me enwrapped up in the end of Her garment just touching Her heart?? To protect me against the bitter blasts of the cold and heat of the worldly winds?

642. Will you believe I am shedding tears when I am writing now? Impossible!! If at all you believe, at any rate, you cannot have the mental state which I am passing through. They are tears of my ungratefulness and joy on eye-opening. I wish my eyes were never opened at all to the trickiness and wickedness of the world. What I have ultimately gained by losing my ' child-like state '? I bless the age when anyone can cheat me, crush me and triumph over me when I can be nothing like a hard nut to any one of the world to be dealt with anyway and even swallowed up. Why? My heart chokes to speak out: why? My Mother than in that stage of helplessness never left me away. I had my arms around Her neck and yet as if I was likely to slip, Mother was impatiently pressing me and holding with Her strong hands on my back. The moments when my small little whole self-was not stuck up and riveted with Her portion between the neck and the waist, were few. As I grew up and became too heavy, I was taught moving; but yet such moments were only a few and counted as when Her eyes were not at all the while after me and at my back, wherever and whenever I rambled. Woe to me, was on the day when I annoyingly said first to myself and, then to Mother, " I am no longer a baby, no longer a child, I am a boy can't you see ?” “I can take care of myself. I can think out my problem myself. I can make my own way ahead. I know how to make my progress;” why should you be an entanglement in my way, following me where ever I go? "

643. Say the puny pigmy creature of man,” I am the maker of my fortune.” The fool of the Founder has pressed the point “Don’t seat hand folded. None shall save Thee except Thyself”!!! The paradox, who can understand? The Founder’s such advice is to them that have not perfectly known what Mother’s Love can be and can do. It is for them that believe “it is they themselves who are the doers.” If you are dipped in that ignorance of doership in all actuality, then, and in that delusion state of yours, the Founder advises you, not to sit hand folded, to be on the better side of activity. If in all reality and actuality, you think yourself as the doer of your things, then don’t sit hand folded. You are not natural, sincere and plan with Mother, when you are inactive and not what you are within yourself and with the world. You are inactive with Mother alone. With Her alone, you have sophistry that suggests to you the false justification for your lazy burden transferring and slumbering.” That, that, that the Founder objects to and warns you against.        

644. On a fine evening, full of ecstasy, with a motor was carrying the Founder, most cautiously along the fringe of a deep valley, at the dusk, with a fragment of fear as the night was approaching, the Founder was making an oblation of his tears to his Dearest Mother in the valley, with these words: "
“Goda Bithaa jaba, Moola na Jaanaa, Jaanaa Taba Nahi Goda Bithaanaa, Maai Kuputa Nibhaanaa.”
 गोद बिठा जब, मूल जाना जाना तब नही गोद बिठाना माई कुपुत निभाना -  छोड चरण कहा जाना "
"When I was being made to sit in the lap of Thee, Oh, my Mother, I had no knowledge and idea of my blessedness. When, now, when I have an idea and craving, I am now not permitted by Thee to sit in Thy lap ". "Mother? Thy ways are mysteriously unfathomable. Let Thy will be done. I only prostrate to Thee and pray "." Somehow because of Thy own majestic Mercifulness, tolerate Thy wicked Son ".

" As unto this wide world, I went forth.  There gained ample worldly wisdom Lost sweet innocence and Thy Kingdom. And my place on Thy lap, as a wicked son. Oh! Accept me as I am, Blessed one ".
Jay Mai Jay Mai Jay Mai.
Today hundreds sing these lines, translated by late Bro. A.S. Mundkur with other Founder's psalms. Let the tears shed in that valley carry their fruits all over the world. I do see, though most faintly, Mother's motive. She is passing me through boisterous boyhood and mischief-full manhood, to make me more and more beloved and better and better innocent and Mother-absorbed baby. The repeated and alternate process of dipping an impure gold tablet in corrosive chemicals and velvet pieces, till it becomes full twenty-four carats gold.

645. I am sure, few of usual worldly minded readers would understand and appreciate, what I have grabbed, in the previous pages, about “first the fruit and then the tree,” while trying to explain that seemingly inverted truth of Mai Swarupa Paramahamsa. The Founder too says,” First secure Mother and Guru, and then, go to the world.” And that joyful conviction about the truthfulness of the Truth can only come at the end.       It is at the end of your travel and travail, that you know how very gracious Mother had been to you, while you were all the while fretting and getting cross with Her for keeping you simple-hearted enough to be cheated by the world. At the end alone you realize, that was to make you pass successfully through and turn you to be proof to any and every calamitous situation that can possibly arise. To carry you to the stage where you can challenge the world saying," So long as I have Mother's Mercy and Guru's Grace with me, come what the world can crush me with. "

646. Well then, equip yourself with Mother's Mercy and Guru's Grace both, through Love Service Devotion and Unconditional Cheerful Self Surrender, and begin fighting your enemy, one after another and make your headway towards the  Kingdom and Capital of Mai. That is the shortest clear-cut way. The way the mongoose kills the serpent, through the force of meditation of the Motherly herbage in the deep Grace–hole of the Guru. Jay Mai.
647. Is that difficult?  No.   Is that easy? No. It is difficult or easy as Mother wishes that thing to be for you. Mother reveals Herself to such beloved ones of Hers as have their eyes opened by Her with the celestial ointment of  Divine Knowledge, on their fixing their minds on the Lotus Feet of Mother.

648. Proceed slowly, but steadily, most cool-mindedly. It is not a day's work. The greatest advantage with its uniqueness is that every step you gain is a permanent achievement. Every promptness but no hurry. No disbelief. NO JUMBLE, NO CONTRADICTION. No false Courtesy. No hypocrisy. One thing at a time and that6 thing alone shutting out rest of the world, till it is mastered. Mere pass-ability but no altogether missing of a single step or test. No haziness. No wavering. No jumping. No flying. No fleeing. No escaping. No evading.   Start from the very alpha, even if you are at the age of sixty. Go rung by rung over the ladder. So that you don't slip. Wait and stop if you are feeling nervous and giddy. Even recede a few steps if need be. Be gaining necessary strength.  Let not your goal be out of your sight any moment of your life. Turn all your activities to bend and focalize in a particular decided direction. Be ever optimistic and never pessimistic.  Know it, sooner or later, with your maintenance of happiest relations with God and Guru, the Kingdom is bound to be yours.

649. The least that is expected of you is that you are not ungrateful to your parents, Guru, patrons, sympathizers, helpers, etc. Thereafter you widen your outlook, develop your faculties of different types, increase your circle, magnify your magnanimity, rise above meanness and revengefulness. Practice taking a long view and a deep dive into all matters. Be great, be good. Be giving with service and sacrifice, foregoing and forgiveness, charity, dispassion, relinquishing your rights and pleasures etc.   

650. A pass-ability even with grace marks should be acquired in what is expressed as gratefulness, greatness, goodness and givingness, before a man is really fit for the further two stages of godliness and goingness. ( These are the six G - s of Mai-ism.By giving is meant not the mechanical parting with money as that a poor man cannot do, but giving a higher return than an average man.

651. The man who has passed these four stages has good relations with all around him. People hear the fewest complaints and rumours about him. There are no quarrelling, discontented and wry faces, in his house. The debtors and creditors both, if any, continue to have happy relations with him. A guest is treated with honour and comfort. He feels pleasure in speaking to others, that he is indebted to so and so for such and such things.

He has no peevishness. He is not put out as soon as there is some opposition. He has the same respect for the others and others' opinions which he expects for himself, He has the same consideration for their conveniences and comforts. If someone is wrong with him, he says," Days will pass and we shall again be friends ". He has trained himself to look at any question, placing himself in the position of the person dealt with. He is able to see things not only as himself, not only as his opponent but also as all concerned and all unconcerned. He is able to charitably view any situations from all sides and all angles. His greatness of intellect and outlook is not without goodness. His superior intellect does not make him a selfish master over others. He is not the exploiter of the less intellectual or the less intellectual or the less experienced. He is not petty minded. He does not identify himself with his wife and children alone. He has the soft corner for every one of the humanity.
He never takes advantage of someone's helplessness. He thinks it is meanness to profit by the helplessness of others. He does not distrust others unless he has substantial grounds to distrust. He does not see bad motives. He does not believe in inherent badness of others, even when he is actually experiencing it and even suffering. He thinks very likely he is in the wrong when he is thinking evil about others. He tolerates people hurting him, rather than he be troubling others. He takes every precaution to see that he does not take any good man to be a bad man, does not matter if he has to suffer as a result of his blunder of taking a bad man to be a good man.

652. In a word, if you take a general opinion of people around the man that has really passed the passability, his life is so very full of gratefulness, greatness, goodness and givingness that there is something like practically a unanimous opinion about that man being much higher than the average. There are so many instances coming forth of his having returned gratitude and of his being really great good and giving. By giving is meant, not the mechanical parting with money as that poor man cannot do, but giving a higher return and taking a lesser return than an average man.

653. If he is one like so many around him, or, on the other hand, if you hear so many stories about his petty mindedness, cheating, misappropriating, resorting to corruption, ousting his parents and dependents, etc. if he is insolent, impudent and getting hot in no time. Mai-ism says, all his talks about his being a religious or God loving or a Gyani have no meaning. If at all he has been successful in showing some brilliant colour, it is a Kachcha colour which is sure to disappear, on being dipped in hot water.      

 654. Mai-ism draws a sharp distinction between religion and religiosity. Religiosity is the state of being and doing what religion asks you to be and to do.  It is the burningness and coolingness of the Sun and moon. Take a high standard of understanding and outlook. To you, your Rama and Krishna or Shiva may be gods. Your Vedas and Geeta may be God's words and revelation. But what are they to the non-Hindu world? On the other hand, you live the life of duty like Shri Rama, live the life of non-attachment in the midst of all the temptations like Shri Krishna, live the life of complete renunciation like Shri Shiva. Even if you are living in midst of people whose very language you don't know your language, you will see in their eyes a love and reverence for you and a desire to intimate you, to follow you, to learn from you and to be sitting at your feet near you.  Religion without religiosity is a corpse.

655. Mai-ism says, Your living should preach your religion and not your scriptures and loud lectures. Preachers must be witnesses and living models and neither lawyers nor professors.
Everyone has seen milk-preparation-sweets. Our purchase from a nice shop has some silver or golden film coverings and some Badam, Pista, Charoli, spicy ingredients on the top. Coverings are the usual routine religious appearance giving observances and those spices are your scriptural learning decorations. Both these are alright in their attractivities, but, where is the real worth of sweets? *It is in the nature of the milk used, the process of boiling and the efficient carrying out of so many other watchful and skilful laboratory treatments, not known to or seen by the apparent customer’s eye. The real worth is known at the end. The coverings are mostly for attraction and are first removed, but thereafter even all the decorations are spitted out if the substance of the sweets itself is of the rotten nature. 

656. Mai-ism is extremely practical. Its long and perhaps even tedious instruction should not cause any disappointment. Once Mother's Mercy and Guru's Grace are secured and retained, Mai-ism tells you, most assuredly, you are sure to pass. Your three fourth of the work is done. You have simply to fill up your terms to pass. You are made to pass.  Only thing is, how many years you are required to be under the coaching is a matter of your capacities and exertions and studiousness. You can’t be allowed to leave the study as an imperfect man. Mother, Herself will not leave you, till you have reached the perfection.

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