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NOTE 541 TO 545

541. There is an end to all hopefulness about the possible reformation of the world through morality and religion, unless a strong spiritual wave sweeps out all the present devilishness and unless there is a huge sacrifice by preachers of morality and religion, rich supporters and host of volunteers.T he greatest blunder of misunderstanding is, that whereas every smallest work requires an effort service and sacrifice, religiosity and morality have been expected to take care of themselves. It is a difficult task but has to be done. The happiest day would be the one when these muddy waters of adulterated western and eastern cultures settle down with water and clay separated. Let each one decide his own path and follow it, but let him belong to any one class or another. of culture, customs, life, outlook and ways of living, non-acceptance or acceptance of morality and religion, etc. Let one class leave another unaffected, undisturbed, unhampered and unmolested and let each class progress on its own selected path.
What is the master-mentality mostly prevalent today ?  Everyone thinks he is entitled to highest happiness, from the biggest to the beggar and that he is justified to take up all means and measures, fair or foul to have it.  There should be nothing like an outward or inward control. Is this not a contradiction in itself ??
Peter can't be rich without robbing Paul. These sorts of beliefs can result in nothing else except the stronger crushing and wiping out the weaker. Why not utilise the strength of the stronger to help the weaker, giving him the return of the higher nature? If, with these beliefs the world were to be happy, it would have been happier and happier, ere long. These theories enamour people because they see the favourable side. They do not see the reveres position. They are again not natural. Everyone wants to swallow the weaker but is not prepared to be swallowed up by the stronger. That shows the unnaturalness of the new thinking mentality on its very face. If people smilingly accept the principle of justice in the stronger swallowing the weaker, on both sides, equally and unmurmuringly, there remains no need of courts, rulers, morality and religion. But that is not so. We should have eyes to see things in their most natural forms.
Although some few may be in a better exceptional position of being stronger and taking care of themselves, the major portion of mankind requires protection.  Even the strongest man welcomes the protection for himself when he gets weak and for the weaker ones he loves or leaves after him. People do want safety, security and stability, controlled, governed and regulated by a much a higher force than one's own individual strength. You can not have that benefit, unless you yourself take an undertaking of maintaining the balance, by your personal control and discipline of strictly following the justice requirements in your own living. If you don't, there is always stronger than the strongest. On that undertaking alone by each one in a society, can depend the happy running of that particular society. Then alone the equilibrium of the world, consisting of millions of men, of different types and situations and circumstances, each one having someone who is more intellectual, more strong and more equipped, can be maintained.
The cry for equality is another similar humbug. None wants to share his happiness with millions of others, less happy than himself. Each one wants to utilise the principle of equality to claim his share in the matter of others in better position and situation than oneself. The plainest thing is everyone is for "more", more of a power, prosperity, peace, comfort, happiness and not for any particular axiomatic principle of truth, to be applied on both sides and all sides, favourably and adversely.
The task of setting things right is surely a difficult one; but that is not because of any inherent difficulty in the task itself, but because the fire of desire and determination, and the right of true illumination and continued consciousness, constitutional action, is entirely absent. It has been nobody's work, with interest and a responsible watchfulness to be anxious about the all-told degeneration of a whole community, nation or Hindu world itself, with its invisible acceleration.
That can be and should legitimately be a duty assignable to the religious custodians of a nation, provided they are helped and obeyed by the followers of a religion, that are true to their religion.

542. Where can peace and happiness be found ?? The problem has been so often tackled and solved and again has got clouded and been lost and again tried and tackled anew, during the world's eternity in the past. The human animal dives and daubs itself in the mud-pond of the world, being infatuated with its mirage-ful waters, gets sickened after some time, thinks of divinity, washes itself under the spiritual springs, gets again tempted to the mud pond; and the alternate stages of divinity and brutality go round, for eternity.
The word "brutal force" is again incomplete and misleading. Bless the day when the so-called brutal human world turns to be only an animal world. An animal has only an instinct. It does not go beyond the satisfaction of its little pleasure. A dog eats away your food, a cat sips away your milk, a goat chews away your plant and a donkey spoils your velvet carpet in the compound by rolling thereon. An ass enters any field as its own but leaves the field as soon as its hunger is finished. An animal knows only one thing - the immediate satisfaction of its hunger, though at any cost. But how little are we harassed, though in midst of them? What is their maximum demand, mischief and oppression?? Little or nothing, when compared with human beings.
Men are between deities and animals. They come down from being deity-like to be man-like. Their further stage of animal-like-ness is only quite a short passing phase. Just a stage of the few moments between one garment of yours and another, when you change them. Man immediately turns to be Satan-like after only counted moments of his animal-like-ness. Where can the whole development of Intellect and Will that he has passed through, while rising from the animal-ness to man-ness, go ?? He has receded two steps, only to take a much higher jump.
The satanic man speaks more wisely than deities themselves and acts more brutally than the animals themselves. The greatest masterpiece of his intellect is seen in the creation of perversions and delusions which keep the world in everlasting enslavement, ignorance and impenetrable darkness.
He spreads his thickest veil of blackness and casts his net to catch every fish that he can lay his hold on. He keeps on devising and executing plans and schemes that would keep the world spellbound and infatuated, and that would maintain his standing power over one and all, forever. More than three-fourths of this world is ruled by Satan and such Satan-like souls that look like merciful, straight and well-wishing benevolent deities.
Mother save Her surrendered sons from the clutches of Satanic souls !!

543. "What is the way to truly know what a man truly is? " The answer is "contact". You can know what really a man is, only when you have seen and lived with him. Otherwise, he changes his colours like a chameleon and you do not know his natural colour. The contact is helpful in deciding the true nature of man, for this reason, that he cannot all the hours be on alert and on mere artificial grounds. When you study a man on having the contact, marking subtle points of contrasts and similarities of different words thoughts actions you so to say form your own notion about the man, on the basis of reliable experienced facts about him. So many different scattered actions synchronize. Some do not but you arrive at a fair idea of man's real nature.
A man who knows all the languages most proficiently cannot be traced regarding his lineage, but if you are with him all the while, you will find him out, especially when he speaks something during his sleep-dreams.

544. I so anxiously wish readers may understand my heart. It is not that I am feeling a joy in belittling the present age. Just the reverse of it. I feel for the modern men. They are ten per cent what they make themselves to be, but ninety per cent what so many other factors have made them be.
I am not a faddist of Religion. Religion is for man, more than that men are for Religion. The ultimate aim of Religion is to make man better and happier. Nor am I worrying about getting a world of flatterers and courtiers around my MOTHER. I am all the while raising a clarion call to all of them, whom Mother has gifted powers, to do their little best to take up necessary measures to enable this very world of ours, being reinstalled on lines that lead it to be better and happier. If there is no Truth, where is the trust; and if there is no justice, where is the safety ? If there is no cognition of mercy where is gratefulness ? ? If there is no mature understanding about right and wrong, if there is nothing like obeying the voice of one's conscience, if there is nothing like feeling pleasure in giving and in discharging one's duties, if there is nothing as developing strength to stand against temptations, if there is nothing like repentance for wrong things done, if there is nothing like responsibility, if there is nothing like directing the Intellect and the Will towards goodness and universality, if there is nothing like practising the controlling of passions and the curbing of wild desires, if there is nothing like properly directing our senses to their legitimate objects in a harmless manner, if there is nothing like formation of good habits, if there is no censorship over our speech, imagination and movement, if we have no idea of what is vice and virtue, if we don't exert to develop our good character, if we don't regulate our behaviour to suit the smooth running of the society around us, if we don't try to learn and assimilate wisdom, if we don't want to be accommodative, if we don't try to minimise our pride, lust, wrathfulness, greed, envy and infatuation, if we have no benevolence, gentleness and contentment, where will the world be drifting and where is then any hope of seeing better days of bliss peace and happiness ? ? Do we want a nation of Independent Animals ? ? Everyone driving his brakeless motor to the pinnacle of the highest hell of his desires, reaching it, and with an overtopping, falling in the Reaction Ocean behind the hell?

545. Let us now be returning to the restricted subject of religion, how people take it and how do they deal with it, because all that has been stated as necessary for being done through Religion, can be done only with the help of the world itself, through co-operation and means of men, money and material.

    It is extremely desirable that India, now an Independent Nation, should introduce the system of preparing a record of life lived by people, in a particular period of say 30 to 50 years. This record should be containing information, about the different activities and moralities and religiosities, and principal features of the social life, the individual life, family life, remarkable instances of helps, friendships, enmities, charities likes and dislikes, services and sacrifices, sentiments and fashions, change in beliefs, customs, traditions and cultural manifestations, transitions in types of activities and mentalities etc , in addition to the usual collection of facts, as at present under census statistics.

    Only the study of the past can guide and help a nation to form its future. In spite of our loudest cries about our past civilisation, which are surely deserved and justified,  we have no recorded and connected history of any nature. We know only how our grandfathers lived and died because we personally saw them. Regarding our great grandfathers, we are entirely in the oblivion. Would a man of today or tomorrow believe, our great grandfathers were not beggars as of today, bent to make out every pie out of what Nature gave them so bountifully, or what the abuse of intellect could have given? 

    Let me at least make a beginning of such a record here. Before 1914, we used to roll in plentifulness regarding food, and quite happy about the real necessities of life. There were so many instances of poor relations staying with rich ones for months and years and even for lives. Fruits like mangoes were freely distributed in streets and among acquaintances. It was a dishonour for any zamindar to sell fruits. Buildings of rich people were available at nominal rents, with no greed of return, just for being "taken care of'. Rich people sent over bags of grains and packets of clothes to poor people without causing any humiliation, in an unknown manner. Sugarcane field-owners and coconut trees' and fruit-owners invited all, and gave an established right to any passer-by, to take as much juice or eat as many sugarcanes and fruits as he liked. Women during pregnancy would get all ornaments to wear, owned by all relations and class-people. A poor man would be helped to defray the expenses of a marriage of his children, with helpful solid presents to him by all around. A poor man will have dainty dishes to eat in castle-dinners, or at rich man's places for about a hundred days in a year.

    What honesty! What charity! What a belief, what I earn is not mine or of my wife and children alone!! What a trustworthiness?? What a magnanimity? The modern man lets loose the fireworks of his rotten rebellious hot-headed excuses. A millionaire of today is more beggarly to a needy stranger than an ordinary villager of the past with a hand-to-mouth living. It is no use giving reasons which explain, how we have degenerated, the stages of our degeneration, as the causes and justifications of the same. How does not explain, why at least does. Let there be the record of the history of Hindus, about what our forefathers were and what we are, without any paraphernalia of justifications.

    To be a debtor, cheat or a misappropriator was the greatest dishonour; conscience-pricks and social belittlement punished people more smartingly and effectively than the law courts. Creditors maintained every respect of their debtors on one hand; and, on the other, even grandsons repaid the debts of their grandfathers and family, together with interest. No rich man dined alone; and in towns, you would so often find, rich men themselves walking over to their destinations on foot, and lending their carriages to some needy relations or acquaintances. People took pleasure in giving, serving and sacrificing. People had their personal harmless pride as the best men of their society, regarding goodness, virtue, morality and charity. People, so to say, cared for their personal honours, family traditions and ancestral greatness. So many poor people enjoyed music, sight-seeing, medicines etc., free, provided they had the humility, reverence, goodness and straightforwardness. The poor had practically a legitimate right and share of enjoyment in the fundamentals of human requirements, in the richness of the rich.  The poor never envied the rich, because the rich parted with a substantial portion of their richness, and on the top thereof, maintained an appearance of social equality. The rich showed humility, although sometimes affected and attributed their greatness to their prarabdha, and not to intellectual or financial greatness.

    Such were the great grandfathers of the modern money-mendicants, who are simply the formations and conglomerates of selfishness from their nails to the highest head-hair.

    Will the modern man believe this fact? A rich man known for his religious piety and supernatural powers was once visited by a poor lady, who approached him with a request, to permit her to rub a piece of iron with his sacred feet, as she learnt that that would be turned into gold.

    The rich man was staggered. He said "Let me have that piece and go to the worship and prayer room. You are right, but only partly. Iron turns into gold, but not on rubbing it with the feet of a poor sinful man like me.  That belief is true, in respect of the image I worship."  He went into the prayer room, took out his own gold equal to the weight of the iron piece, and handed it over to the lady. Satans of to-day call this a folly. There has been a pinching bankruptcy of even appreciators of goodness, virtue and charity.

    If there is no recorded faithful history, what remains for the posterity is the natural and justified attitude of a disgustful disbelief and an outright denial. If there is no recorded history of generations to generations, where is the ideal to follow, and the inspiration and basic material to judge our amelioration and deterioration? Unless we have an idea of a superior living or superior powers and working capacities, etc., and unless we have a conviction and a realism, where is the remotest chance of even a desire to become better, with the urge and confidence of "what someone man has done in the past, any man can surely do, in the present." ?? It is only on the still waters of a faithfully represented history of lives lived, that the sheep (?) can find an inspirational proof of its being really a cub of the lion-race. Stories, cinemas and novels can't help you to elevate your character and practical life. They are all works of imagination only, sometimes of some intellectual genius absorbed in wine and women. You must have seen or at least heard or read about living persons and the work they left behind them, who actually lived a life of virtue, suffering, service and sacrifice, humility, charity and philanthropic activity with benevolence. For the modern world, we want a lot of new literature about psychology, character, lives and memories of great men in details, biographies and autobiographies.

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