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NOTES 341 TO 345

341. A certain family in Ahmadabad (very recent matter of February 1950) doing business was in rack and ruin. Its trading agency was ordered to be stopped from March 1950, which would mean a winding of a business giving a net profit of Rs. 25,000 a year. The head of the family approached the Founder and explained the whole situation. Said the Founder,"You prove your bonafides by offering Rs. 125 to Mother, before which I can not do anything, because I have the worst experience of the world after their work done." A cheque was immediately passed. Said the man," To be saved from my present situation, I want a loan of Rs. 3 lacs and an extension of my agency  and the cancelling of the order  of its termination by the end of March ."

Said the Founder," You pray like this, installing Mother." They prayed strongly all in one, the whole family because unless Mother helped, the family was going to be entirely ruined. None would advance Rs. 50,000. All the property would be attached. In less than a week, the German firm cancelled the order and extended the period to three months. Today's death was shifted. There were letters of joyfulness and thankfulness and thanksgiving with the heart of devotion, to Mother. The whole family took to devotion and Mai Japa " Jay Mai Jay Markand Mai "( daily one hour programme for the whole family at night ). The agency was renewed still further up to December 1950.

Further, before the usual nine Friday's time limit expired, the world was as it were overturned and a rich man of Bombay came forward to advance a loan of Rs. four lacs.

Can we imagine greater mercifulness? Mother has helped families out of calamities, beyond imagination, only on a mere appearance of Self-surrender to Her.

The merchant came down to Bombay [Mumbai], saw the Founder with his daughter and had a nice Mother worship which pleased the Founder most.

342. Few people realise the underlying purpose when the financial service is emphasized in Religion. If money consideration and the painfulness of parting with it is the only vitalising and devitalising  factor of life and living, it is hopeless appeal to consciousness of and recognition of the duty of every man that is obliged , helped or saved , to do his best in every way, including that of supporting the Institute or a Saint or a Guru, for the future welfare  of himself and his progeny and all the similarly helpable sisters and brothers of a particular Religious Institute. There is an old proverb " Religion will save you only if you save the Religion." If you are religious, be religious. If you are a businessman, be business-like, but don't be too religious in business and too businessman-like in religion.  This suggestion is of course for few, because mostly, a complicated -looking case is an extremely simple case of business mentality with the sugar coating of hypocritical religiosity.

343. The Founder has a quite a motherly heart with reference to them that pay nothing or are totally ungrateful. To explain his feeling, he would be overjoyed when even a trivial recognition of the Deity is there and he would say," are not these people much better than those who would deny Mother's Grace altogether ?? after the happening ?? Where is the proof except in the heart? If the hearts are poor, who else to be blamed, but Mother Herself ?"
One point and worldly people would call it a weakness. If anyone approaches the Founder and true or feigned tears trickle from his eyes -finished !! Founder starts a new clean slate with the man again. Even with a such a person as one who had run away with his clothes and fifty rupees in his college days, there was nothing wrong in the judgement of the Founder, in re-entertaining him as a guest, because he expressed his sorrow. Founder says to himself," After all what is money, except its temporary purchasing power ?? and what is a permanent value of money? Love alone counts. The idea of surrender of anyone to Mother is more than anything else with the Founder. Let him be anything, but he comes to Mother. That consideration weighs supreme, with him.

What is there finally, even in vice or virtue? richness or poverty, good treatment or bad treatment, justice or injustice, intelligence or dullness ?? Of course within reasonable limits and after Mother's Mercy and Guru's Grace?  Has any mother discarded her son because he is stingy because he loses his head frequently or even because he goes a bit immoral? No. Her work is to improve him and not to gnash Her teeth,  provided he has obediently lovingly and serving surrendered himself to Her. He is to be chastened but not forsaken. That is Mother's Love. He is to be punished, scolded, guided but protected, so long as he is Mother's and continuous to be Mother's. He shall never be thrown to the winds.  Connection or disconnection with Mother is the highest of the highest and best fortunes, or, the worst of the worst misfortunes. Mother's compassion alone can save us.

344. Which thinking-man cannot see that he is not the master of his life? It can disappear or be taken away or be reclaimed at any moment, without notice. For a true religious believer, does it not look, as if life were given to him as a trust and with a purpose and a mission to play a certain part in the cosmic running of the world?? Revocable at any moment ?? And yet how much terrible mischief, do we play with our life, during the most uncertain and the few counted days that we are temporarily asked to hold life ??
With what a cheerful, jubilant and hopeful heart, God would have created this world with all its varied pleasures? He filled up the Universe with every joy. He had every hope of peaceful happy living of the world. He created things, planets, stars, trees, birds, deities and men, seasons, rains. winds etc. He decided Divine Laws and different rules and regulations for different types of people in different areas of the world. A man however turned rebellious, not only rebellious but also siding with Satan. What else than can there be except sorrow, pain? misery? disease and death, poverty and penury?

During his college days, once the Founder was travelling in a train from Bombay to his native place Petlad. There was a co-passenger who had a big basket of sweets to be handed over to someone in Petlad. At Anand, a junction of many hours' halt, the luggage inspector checked the co-passengers luggage. Accidentally the excess was only due to the sweet-meat package. The passenger lost his patience and began cursing the sender and the receiver. He became rash enough and decided to eat away the sweets. The Founder intervened and said to the Muslim Railway - Mohammedan Inspector " Sir, you are punishing him for his goodness. He will cease to be a good man from now. See how much ruffled he has been !! He is prepared to eat away himself !! He does not take notice either of you? or these other passengers, or me who am with him for so many hours!!!. Let him eat away if you don't leave him. But should he not give something at least to me? I had given him a corner to sleep. First, decide my complaint." All laughed out. The Inspector left him; and the Founder in his young age made a note, like this, in his scribblings :
"This life of ours is a gift or deposit or a trust given to us by Merciful Mother like this sweet-packet. Some begin to misappropriate the same from the very day it is given. You are travelling somewhere. You are pricked with a thorn, you ask your nearest man just to hold your packet and while you are bending to take out the thorn, that fellow runs away with the packet. You can't run.You are thorn pricked. This is the largest class of mis-appropriators. The next one has goodness enough, he carries the packet with a good heart, till he is in the midst of temptations, troubles trials and tests. He then throws off or eats away the packet. There are extremely few that patiently undergo all troubles and finally hand over the packet to a consignee intact, as it was received. " 

There comes a stage for the head of a large family when every member has turned control-less, rebellious, pleasure-dipped, proof to any advice, scolding or punishment. A father punishes a boy, keeps him starved for a certain vice. The boy suffers, cries for mercy, but does not improve a bit. No change.If at all any change, that is for the worse. That irreparable stage comes in. And then the Father, tired of doing his best, finally runs away leaving all members to cut each other's throats. That is the present stage of the modern age. God has left men to manage their world themselves. Our miseries as of today are the results of the cruelties of man to man, their darkest ignorance, their swollen headedness on knowing a fringe of the God's mystery, which they call Western science. What man can make out of that knowledge is only the devastation and destruction. What is the highest victory and glory of science? What can a monkey do on finding a torch? An atom bomb !!! It will burn the whole world. And yet still the wisdom does not dawn. One of the best scientists has called " Man, the unknown". Some supreme scientists bow their head to God but the fifth standard boy who has just begun to learn water is H 2 O turns his head as a discarder of Almighty. Has not the world still a full experience of wars,  famines, wholesale slaughters, atom bombs etc? May Mother make some wise men to think, we must have our Mother in middle to keep us all reconciled and well behaved to one another !!

345. Founder says: The final thing that counts is, with what intensity, you love your God and Guru. With what love you serve him, with what liquefaction you are devoted, and with what determination you have surrendered yourself. to God and Guru. The practical test is, whether God or Guru's work is the first or the last, of all desires, determinations and undertakings. 
To his nearest and dearest disciples, Founder with full endearment says: " Do you think, it is hard to write off a debt of a couple of hundreds of loving, serving and devoted and surrendered servant to master of crores ??  Do you think, Mother can't so manage matters in a second, in respect of all the black market men, that as soon as they touch the money obtained through black-market, their whole body would contract paralysis? Ten such instances and the black market would stop !!"

An evil eye of immorality and the eye will lose its vision." Is that a hard thing for Mother to arrange ??

Do you think there is any fool in the world, who with the surety that he would be blind on his eyeing being immoral, would keep his eyes open when he talks with any other lady except his own wife ?? Wives shall have to pull the eye-lids of their husbands, shouting," It is I, your own wife ". Some overcautious sons of wise mothers would not even then under run the chance of losing eyes. Does it take more than the time required to close and open eyes for Mother, to set right all the waywardness of the world? Let the world demand and Mother shall give peace and happiness. The trouble is, the world wants all happiness without obeying the Divine Laws, remaining all the while violating the Law, and remaining fretting and fuming with ever-ungratefulness and rebelliousness, he can be capable of. 

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