Wednesday, September 9, 2015

NOTE 292 TO 295

292. The next day the Founder informed all concerned about his having gone to stay at Mai Niwas, stating especially to his out-side Mai-ists that a great facility was now made, for them in as much as, so long as he was not out of Bombay, he would be found all the twenty four hours in " Mai Niwas " and that none would have to go back  at any hour  for the reason that  he was not at a certain place. There were so many instances of Mai-ists having only a few hours at their disposal, to get disappointed, on not finding him. He made very strict two rules. As far as possible, he was never to be away from the Lotus Feet of Mother and none was permitted to sleep there except those who were true Mai-ists and came over from mofussil, and they too for not, more than consecutive three nights. Even those that they came to see him at 11 p.m. had to go back at 1.30 a.m. or 2 a.m. train. He never stirred out from 4-3-1949 to 12-9-1949  when the taxi took him to the V.T. Station for going to Madras [ Chennai ]. At Madras too,  where he went for fulfilling Mother's command, he was for over a month in one house only, without having a single look at anything of Madras except some four places where Mother's worship was conducted on a grand scale. In a word, he realised that although such a vow of confinement entailed  a lot of daily inconveniences, loses and handicaps and perhaps some irregularity of health  for want of outdoor exercise , that brought in a strong inviolable control  over free moment, which enabled him to sweep out  the largest portion of the worldly touch , whatever little he had.
The Founder began to say to others," If you want real peace of mind, true understanding and overflows of devotion, confine your body in a particular place, your tongue in a mouth and your eye-pupils within their eye-lids, as far as you can. Then alone you can have an introspection, self-control and true understanding  of Divine wisdom  and supernatural powers to afford relief  to others, as curing illnesses, etc."
The worldly man raises his cry, calling it impossible, but if he sympathises with the said teaching, and decide to abide by it, he will find that he is gradually able to throw off more than three fourth of the mental and physical burden he is daily carrying.
That is the first lesson which Mai Swarupa gives to them that come to him. First, create the amplest leisure of time by withdrawing yourself from so many useless physical and mental activities. Next, preserve your sexual energy. Third thing, see that you establish a saintly contact. Contact with God and Guru. If nothing can be done, see that you are for the maximum hours in a  day, in presence of one superior to you in any realm, religious, social or even a professional. What pinches a man in carrying out this rule is that in contact with his inferiors, he is a master and worshipped whereas with superiors, he has to be a servant and a worshipper.
The Founder says,"As a matter of fact, the attainment of true religiosity is based on just the contradictory qualities for a truly worldly man, and therefore it is, that nothing higher than a mere hypo-critic pretended religiosity is only possible. "Humanity, gratefulness, forgiving, pleasure of giving, truthfulness, mercifulness, etc. - these are the very first foundations of true Religiosity. How can an average modern  man, with swollen headedness that values his " I "  at a hundredfold value  of its real worth, with a selfishness that requires the whole circle of people around him to serve him, with a greed and hard heartlessness  of snatching away the last thing he can from others, with an ungratefulness resulting from " whatever is done for him is is much less",  with a perverted mind with boasts of its intellect of befooling  others with false stories  and pretexts, and which his " Self " too great for ant the smallest offence (?)to be forgiven, master even the first lessons of true religiosity ??

That lot is alright for being stamped as " Religious ", on their doing some external things or pleasing some of its certifiers. The initiate's outlook has first to be changed and his delusion and wrong values, his perversions, false definitions, have to be effaced and wiped out. First thing is, you must have a conviction, you are on wrong and defective lines or there is a need for improvement. Then alone can come the thinking out of a remedy, then, an application and an effort and repetition of effort, and then alone the mending matters and then success.

293. The greatest difficulty in dealing with modern Hindus is that they are half-baked. They have not that faith and reverence of the olden times due to a Guru and they do not see for themselves the wide gulf lying between knowing a certain truth through hearing or reading, and the mastery of the said truth. They have no patience and no inclination for the smallest practice. Any self-controlled or realised man is to them, either a Mr. so and So., or a Bhagwan or Bapji or a Maharaj, who is simply to be revered and prostrated or served from a distance. He is never to be studied, obeyed, imitated or followed.

294. The great truth which the Founder had experienced ( all truths are known to everybody who is a Hindu; the only thing is he has not learnt to set value or develop the restfulness thereof and never determined to practice anything ) - is that the energy and the exertion required to do or  achieve a certain thing  is nothing, compared to the energy required to overcome obstructions and temptations; and that side  has remained mostly untouched by most of the religious preachers.  Best teachers are silent there and that is so because, everything said about this negative side strikes foreign and harsh and is mostly unbelievable for them, who have never left their shores nor have really intended leaving them. With the greatest difficulty, one can be shaken to be stirred to action. Who would then extinguish the small sparks of desire to move with the discouraging talks of obstructions and oppositions on the way !!! A new walk-tiresome pilgrim goes his way and after a few steps asks the returning pilgrims " How much remains now"? The said mentality of the returning says," Only little now remains ", although as a matter of fact, the new pilgrim has not practically begun yet. That is the wise man's way. How to proceed straight to your destination " is much easier teaching than " How to overcome the difficulties, handicaps, how to evade pitfalls, temptations, inimical forces, etc. on your way and in your strenuous efforts towards the destination."The latter is much harder teaching. In as much as each man's difficulties temperaments, points of strength and weakness, are different, for a true and solid progress, the relation of the Guru and Shishya, become indispensable. If patent medicines and "self-English-teachers" had served the purpose of the world there would have been no hospitals and no colleges. The Founder so much wished the disturbing and annoying world to leave him alone; he would shout, he had decided to live his life as a recluse as per certain principles, but it went hard to make the world accept it. This extremely great practical difficulty is overcome by the well-known practice of taking up the saffron robe. That rob, with a head shave, is more than the ear-deafening ringing bell saying " Oh world? you have to act with me in a particular way and with a particular notion and belief regarding me ". That was however not possible for the Founder, as explained before.

295. The Founder has one idea. The world takes a decade to have an idea and inclination of finding in someone man greater religiosity than others, still more decades to approach him, yet some more to understand him, etc. By the time the world is ready to hear him, the days are over.  So he was for making the walls of Mai Niwas speak for what principles it stood. In a poor man's way, he cut important pieces from all his writings and graced the wall pasting those printed extracts on cardboards and nailing them on the walls. He further purchased a cupboard in which he placed all the copies he had and with bold letters put up a slip on the cupboard " FREE FOR ALL. DEMAND ANY COPY ". He would be sitting on the verandah and invite whoever looking at Mai Niwas, with some religious interest, would have a chat for an hour or two and give a copy of each of his books, which the visitor would like to accept. The Founder had never made money out of the books he had printed. All were handed or sent free, although there were some limited few persons ( less than  1 per cent ) who of themselves sent some amount by way of its price with a request for Mai Blessings.

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