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NOTE 108 TO 121

108. Reverting to the matter in hand, the most important and exhaustive work of the Founder was " Mother and Mother's Thousand Names " covering over 750 pages, in two volumes. That is the standard work which mostly includes all that is of importance in " God as Mother " and " Theory and Principles of Mother's Lodge". Those former ones were printed and published in 1940-1941. Next came " Mai Sahasranam with Mai-prayers " and " Mai Guru Ananya Bhakti ", in Hindi. Then came forth English " Mother's Message ", Gujerati " Mai-Sandesh ", and also a Tamil translation of the same booklet (Thai-Myi Vazhi).

109. The MAI SAHASRANAMA two volumes are believed to have been dictated to the Founder by Mother Herself as stated even by high-class religious persons and authorities on Hindu religion, such as Rev. Ananta Krishna Shastry, commentator, and writer of so many religious books.

110. These volumes have the further wonderfulness of giving correct guidance to persons who repeat Mai Sahasranam. Just before the Founder began writing, on Friday, 17-3-1950, a devotee asked Mother to relieve him of his financial difficulties and he had a funny answer on opening the volume (after nine repetitions of Jay Mai Jay Markand Mai), which ran thus on page 56 on Vol.2, part. III. The questioner was shuddered at the reply which was an eye-opener. " People living on much higher standards than what their legitimate earnings and means permit, at the cost of others, by deception, borrowing, stealing, etc., need a rod."

    How true this is for so many of us constantly complaining of money-shortage, which never disappears, because by the time modern men are favored with 40 percent of increase in their earning, they with their family wife and children have jumped from their existing standard of comforts to almost double the standard !!!

111. Once the Founder himself was in an extremely depressed mood. He was pressing Mother to give him some proof, let it be distant-most. His heart agitation was " whether there is any meaning-fulness on my being madly after Mother's work when not even a crow cared to be looking at Mother or him, whether at least She Herself was pleased or not, let the world alone."

    He concentrated and opened Mai book for an answer. It was page 114 part IV, Mai's name Adrishya (Invisible). The comment under the name ended with this:

    " Maiyaa Maiyaa Maiyaa Karake Aapahee Maiyaa Ho gaye" (Repeating Mother Mother Mother, he himself became Mother).

    The Founder's whole depression turned into a hearty loud laughter. He said to Mother: Who else will praise a deformed and deficient son, except his own Mother !!!

    The answer clearly meant: Mother and Mother's ways are invisible and incomprehensible. Further that the final result of all the lifelong work of devotees is a little something of the permanent improvement of the world or individuals, but a great deal of the absorption of devotees themselves in their Beloved Mother, God or any Deity.

112. The next shift after Ahmedabad was to Bombay (Santa Cruz). Bro. Parixit Raiji (the President of the Mother's Lodge subsequently) was thinking of a change of service from Bombay to Ahmedabad. He was the son-in-law of the said Rev: Kaushikram Mehta. He had come to receive the Founder and to take him from the station to his home, on his way to Poona.

    On the station, Bro. Raiji spoke to the Founder about the instability of his service in Bombay and a chance of a bit better pay at Ahmedabad. The Founder asked him what he actually wished. Did he like Bombay life or Ahmedabad life? The founder said, "If you like Bombay life, Mother will see that you prosper and have not to leave Bombay, on one condition, viz., that you will start Mother's Lodge at your place and conduct Friday worship as at Ahmedabad". Brother Raiji agreed and the Founder installed Mai in his bungalow at Santa Cruz on Tagore Road. Brother Raiji was quite well off in a very short time; this was 1936. The Founder used to come over from Poona to Bombay almost every month, to popularise Mai-ism.

113. Bombay was the first place where the Founder saw what royal hospitality on the grounds of the high religiosity for an unlabelled man, not in robes with a tonsured head, meant. Bombay people were the first who had in their considerations the idea of a duty to make some return in some shape or some wear and tear, towards the relief of the Founder's financial strain for Mai work, in view of their religious and material benefits received from the Founder. He was given the religious status he had erelong deserved in all religious matters. His future arrival in Bombay would be announced at the previous Friday meeting, on receiving Founder's telegrams from Poona. The worship conducted here was on a gaudy, grand and magnanimous scale. People came to worship Mai from distant suburbs and an audience of 250 persons was not an unusual thing. Attendants mostly consisted of the higher middle-class gentry, solicitors, doctors, officers, etc. Prasad was distributed in dry-leaf-cups which were counted before and after the meeting, to note the attendance. People of all communities attended these worships. The worship meant three programmes. 1. Bhajan, 2. Arti, 3. The repetition of Mai Sahasranama Patha. The function took more than three hours from 9 p.m. onwards. During other hours daily the Founder would be helping the visitors with patient hearing and administering righteous practical advice, solving difficulties, removing religious misunderstandings, and initiating desirous and deserved persons into the methods of Mai devotion, and Mai Sadhana.

114. Once the Founder was invited at Navaratra big celebration in Vile-Parle. Somehow, it rained heavily and continuously. The celebrator had a great devotional respect fro the Founder whom he took to the place on the last day with his party. The celebrator had his greatest sorrow, as due to rains, the sacrificial altar worship and everything were interrupted and had to be left uncompleted. He was very sorry that his undertaking at a heavy cost and labor had not happily and satisfactorily ended. Said the Founder: "Don't be sorry at all. In these days, who is devotional enough to even utter the name of God? Mother must remain satisfied with whatever is possible being done while exerting one's best. If She does not, even that much will be done by none and the final remnants of God and Religion will also disappear and will be obliterated." The celebrator modestly said, " These are only conventional sweet words. They do not give any assurance or satisfaction."

115. The Founder stared at him " Do you want really an assurance? Are you really so sorrowfully wounded?" The celebrator said with great humility, "I am really sorrowful and thinking nothing for the last three days, except that I could not complete this sacrifice due to profuse rains. I am doing this every year, and I am afraid this means I have lost all Mai Grace."

116. The Founder was in high spirits and said, "No! No! No! No!!!! Don't judge the mercifulness of Mother by our mortal standards; and, were you at fault in the matter that there was profuse raining?" The celebrator sweetly smiled, "No. But, is Mother so very merciful?"

117. Said the Founder, "Yes, Only thing is our sincerity, faith, and intensity is almost nil. If that is genuine and highest, are there not instances of Mother Herself appearing from the sacrificial altar?"

118. Just when he was talking, he stopped abruptly, got up and bent near the altar and prayed in loud words. " Mother? who will be Thy devotee if Thou dost not give encouragement and proof of Thy Mercy in this Kaliyug at every step of Thy devotees? See, here is Thy devotee; he is out-and-out depressed. The world smashes us and Thou also dost not take any heed. Does it befit Thee? Does it befit the Divine Mother, the Most Merciful Mai?!!!"

119. No sooner were these words addressed, than there was a blaze of fire as high as about seven feet above the altar and that remained there for about 10 to 12 minutes till the Arti was finished with Stotras, Hymns, etc.

120. All present there went to the highest point of humility with a saturation of the idea of their nothingness. Wherefrom came this blaze from an altar which was entirely wet, watery and empty? All were stunned and assured of Mother's existence and Mercy and of the Founder's relations of a "Son-to-Mother", whose request and prayer (even though of a scolding and bitter nature) She would not and did not fail to grant.

121. This miracle-incident spread all over Bombay, as there were not less than about 50 persons present there.

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